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Food Marketing to Kids

Our Aim

We want a significant reduction in the marketing of junk food to children in all formats including television and print advertising, using celebrity and character endorsements and premium offers.

What are we going to do about it?

The Parents' Jury supports a ban on all television advertisements for unhealthy foods during children's peak TV viewing times. This equates to restrictions on unhealthy food advertising on TV from 6-9am and 4-9pm on weekdays, and 6am-12pm and 4-9pm on weekends.

We also support restrictions on other forms of marketing unhealthy foods and drinks to children, including endorsements by celebrities and characters, premium offers (such as collectable toys or on-pack competitions), websites, SMS and email marketing, cinema and print advertising.

Only further statutory regulations will sufficiently change the children's food marketing environment to make a difference to the negative effects of advertising to children.

In February 2012, our friends at Cancer Council NSW and Junkbusters launched the Fat Free TV Guide. Through highlighting the level of junk food advertising on Australia's most popular family television programs, this site gives parents information and a choice about which shows their children watch on TV. It also encourages you to use your voice and send your views on junk food ads directly to TV networks.

The Parents' Jury Fame and Shame Awards

Each year, we work to expose the marketing tactics of the food industry through our Fame and Shame Awards.  This is a chance for members to have their say on junk food advertising that is directed to children. To review past 'winners,' check out our Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame